Best oncologist in India

Treating cancer is not a single person’s job. It’s a job of the highly skilled & experienced medical team.

Each & every human body has cancer cells, but they are not harmful until they are not together. Cancer cells only come together whenever our lifestyle doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

To make you understand easily; cancer cells can not survive without food in our body. When they get enough food frequently, these cells start joining each other, which turns out to be a tumor. Once these cells join each other, you can not treat them alone. Here comes the Oncology department work.

To exterminate cancer cells; your diet and lifestyle have to be balanced & well-maintained.

We pray our readers never need to visit any oncology team.

Let’s discuss how the Oncology department works.

What is Oncology?

The medical term for studying cancer cells, tumors, and treatment is called Oncology. Oncology contains various types of cancer, treatments, therapies, and cure.

What is an oncologist?

An oncologist is a medical term for a specialist who is a medical expert that can identify tumor cells and treat them. An Oncologist is also known as a cancer specialist or cancer expert.

Types of Oncologists?

As per the study, multiple oncologists are available to treat cancer. There are three major types of oncologists which have a few sub-categories.

Medical oncologists: – These specialists cure cancer with radiation, chemo, medication, and Immunotherapy.

Surgical oncologists: – They are the specialist who removes cancer tumor through surgeries & operations.

Possibility of surgery counts on the stages of cancer, cancer type, cancer place in the body & patient’s health situation.

Radiation oncologists: – They target cancer cells with radiation. Cancer cells are whipped with highly active radiations during this therapy.

Sub – Categories: – There are a few more sub-divisions available for different types of oncologists; a few names are mentioned below.

Hematology – BMT, cell treatment

Geriatric oncologists

Gynecologic oncologists 



Pediatric oncologists

Thoracic oncologists

Urologic oncologists

You can use this link to find the best oncologists or contact us via any mode. HTI will give you free genuine advice regarding your medical queries.

To support this blog; I am sharing the top preferable oncology doctors list in India.

  • Dr. Vinod Rana:– Medical Oncologist

He is one of the highly qualified experienced oncologists at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon.

  • Dr. Ankur Bahl:– Medical Oncologist

Dr. Bahl is skilled in immunotherapy treatments, target therapy, and other treatment practices like chemo at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.

  • Dr. Mukesh Patekar:- Medical Oncologist

He is an expert in chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and palliative care. He works at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.

Dr. Hari Goyal:– He works as a medical oncologist at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. He has been working as an oncologist for the last 23 years.

Dr. Subodh Chandra Pande:-  He is working as a Radiation Oncologist at Artemis Hospital(Gurgaon). He is helping to treat cancer for the last 33 years.

Dr. Deepak Jha:- He works in Artemis hospital as a surgical oncologist.

Dr. Priya Tiwari:- She is a medical oncologist at Artemis hospital Gurgaon.

Choosing the right doctor will be difficult for you. You can contact HTIndia, we will advise you best doctor as per the treatment required.

MAX, Medanta, Paras, Manipal, BLK & Naryana hospitals also have the best Onco doctors.

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