HTIndia healthcare is a medical tourism company based in (Gurgaon)India. HTIndia healthcare means “health treatment in India healthcare Pvt ltd”.
The motto of HTIndia is to help people find their motivation to be healthy.

HTIndia is an Indian Pvt ltd company that offers free medical services to all needy patients. Let me define what free medical services in India means; whenever patients choose to get treatment in India, they need assistance apart from medical help like transport, accommodation, food, consultation & language translation; and this is why HTIndia chooses to come & give support.

HTIndia healthcare team helps patients to find the best affordable hospital & best doctors in India.

Best Hospitals in India
Choose HTIndia means minimizing the risk of any deception with patients. HTIndia teams arrange transport & accommodation to secure their journey. Prescribe medicines are also arranged by us at discounted prices so they can save money.

HTIndia healthcare’s focus is to spread awareness of getting proper treatment on time for good health. We understand the mental & emotional stages of the patients & their family members.
HTIndia work environment is dedicated to the patient’s necessities. If patients want to stay in a hotel instead of a guest house so we arrange the best hotel for them. If they want to cook by themself as per their taste or they want their native dishes, so we take permission from the dietician; then allow it.
HTIndia team doesn’t want the patient to distract their mind instead of health; we want them to fully focus on their health improvement. We believe human health is not replaceable; either we can heal it or we can improve it.