The heart is the engine of the human body. It’s an organ that supplies blood to another part of the body. Blood supply provides oxygen & nutrients to all body parts. The human Heart weight is approx is 300g to 450g.

It’s in the middle of the chest & between the lungs. The heart has 2 parts(Atrium & Ventricle) separated through to a cellular wall. These 2 parts are divided into 4 chambers right/left atrium and right/left ventricle.

Atrium work is to receive blood and Ventricle(which has stronger muscles) work is to pump blood.

Blood flows from the heart to other body parts with veins, arteries & capillary vessels(which connect with veins & arteries).

Arteries take blood, oxygen & nutrients from the heart & Veins take them back to the heart.

The heart is one most special organs in the human body, and we are fully responsible for keeping it up to date by following good healthy habits.

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What is Heart Transplant?

A heart Transplant means replacing an unhealthy heart with a healthy heart. To keep a person alive, you need a healthy heart. Whenever the heart is damaged, the body needs a transplant on an urgent basis. A heart Transplant is only possible if the donor is available and the donor’s heart is healthy to replace with an unhealthy one. Finding a heart donor is as challenging as finding a needle in the sand.

Heart Transplant in India

Best hospital in India for a heart transplant?

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