Cancer Treatment in India

What is Cancer?

Tumor cells that grow ferociously in the body are called Cancer. 

Cancer is a vicious disease that spreads within human body cells unstoppable. 

In simple language, it happens in body cells, and it starts growing & spread uncontrollably.


There is no exact count of Cancer types in the world; still, as per Wikipedia, more than 100 types of deadly cancers are present. Some occur only in Males like Prostate cancer, and some appear in females like Uterine Cancer & Breast Cancer. The lists below are the most commonly diagnosed Cancers.

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Bladder cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Brain Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Throat/Larynx Cancer 
  • Liver/Stomach Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Leukemia/BMT 

HTI is helping all types of cancer patients. You can contact us to find India’s best cancer hospital. 

Symptom: – Symptoms depend on how your body functions work and how good you can read your body’s single. 

There are no specific symptoms of Cancer diseases. Symptoms vary as per cancer type, body type & age. 

There is no possibility of symptoms appearing in the early stages. Let’s talk about the below-mentioned symptoms that help us to reduce risk.

  1. Lump – If you see or feel any painful lump; so you should consult without delay.
  2. Unexpected Weight loss – If you start losing weight suddenly without changing your daily habit or exercise. 
  3. Fever – Any fever that is not getting in control by a prescribed medicine for a long time or fever that comes at any specific time in a day. 
  4. Pain – If you feel pain anywhere in the body and not able to identify if it’s muscle pain or not. If pain is frequent & rebellious then you should go to see a doctor.
  5. Bleeding: – If you notice any bleeding in cough, urine, & vomiting, or any injury which is not healing with medication.

Cure:- Cancer is curable if we detect it before too late; however, It is still one of the fatal diseases for which proper treatment has not existed yet. 

The Cancer Treatment journey is different for each person. Cancer treatment has three steps surgery, radiation & chemo. 

 Surgery is not applicable in a few cases where the tumor is not visible or not accessible. 

You can find the best cancer doctors & hospitals on the HTI website or you can contact us on any of the options like email, WhatsApp, or call.

HTI has treated many cancer patients successfully. We want all of you not to get scared of cancer. HTI team will put its best efforts to provide you best cancer treatment. 

Precautions: – Advance precautions are better than cancer cure. As we have already talked about the cancer treatment process; so you have an idea now how lengthy & painful the process is. Our Lifestyle itself is inviting diseases into our life; hence we can not change our complete lifestyle, but we can modify it.

Healthy Diet: – Adding fruits to your diet, less fat, less salty, boiled veg can also be part of a healthy diet. Minimum use of processed meat, and preserved salty food.

Tobacco – Skipping all forms of tobacco & alcohol will reduce the risk.

If you or any of your known are looking for an oncologist; HTI can help to find the best oncologist in India to consult. 

Environment Pollution: – Direct exposure to chemicals, sunlight, or dyes can cause Cancer problems. These three things start reacting on the skin when we have the highest exposure for a long time. We can discuss on another blog how these effects are because it is also another big topic. Meanwhile, if your workplace has a chemical environment, you better be more cautious & wear all mandatory costumes to be less affected. Inhale chemicals or dyes smell can also affect the body. 

Genetic:- This is one reason for occurring cancer in some cases. Those who have a family history are more open to cancer risk. 

If you have any known in the family, friends, or any relative; who is suffering from Cancer illness. HTI healthcare can guide you to get the best treatment for Cancer diseases. 

HTIndia Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a medical tourism company in India. We encourage people to find their motive to be healthy. 

You can share your previous medical history on HTI mail or WhatsApp; we will consult the best doctor on your behalf. You can plan your medical trip after consultation. 

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