HTI is a medical tourism company for the patient. We provide all types of medical & non-medical services to the patients who connect with us. We have been working in the medical industry for the last 10 years.

We guide our patients in each & every step before & after medical treatments. Our patients will never be alone during their journey. We are happy to share the patient’s journey with us.

Free Pick up & Drop – We provide all free pickups & drops during his journey with us. Patients don’t have to face any hassle with transport so HTI provides cab services to all clients. Moving to another country for health treatment is overall a different experience and we want to make it easy, safe, and smooth for our clients.


We offer accommodation at affordable rates which do not affect your pocket much. Clients can choose rooms as per their requirements; some clients prefer to cook themself here we have rooms available with a kitchen; some clients do not want to distract themself apart from medical treatment then we offer rooms without a kitchen. We have dedicated staff who takes care of all your comforts like hygiene, food, utility, safety, and transport from the guesthouse. We also provide all types of medical staff if any patient needs it.

Best Medical Treatment – We are dealing with highly qualified doctors who always connect with us during & after treatment. We all dealing with highly rated hospitals who has all the advance technology & equipment. Doctors are highly qualified & experienced.
HTI Staff – Most of HTI staffs are experienced, humble, and highly knowledgeable. Our staff will always be available with you in 24/7.