Dear, patients there is not one reason for choosing us; numerous reasons we can give. One is HTI is the only medical tourism company which is offering medical treatment services and wellness treatment.

HTI has served more than 1000 patients domestically & internationally. This amount includes followups cases too.

No, there are no hidden charges for HTI services.

It’s completely safe to travel to India for the best treatment. HTI puts all efforts to make the patient’s journey safe & secure.

Yes, you are most welcome to visit alone. HTI will take care of your trip to India.

No, HTI doesn’t have the right to override hospital rules. To make it clear to the patients, we give estimated bills before surgery or treatment.

Yes, a translator will be available for the patients 24*7 to avoid unwanted situations.

Pickup & drop from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the hospital will be complimentary by HTI. Any personal or non-medical trip will be paid for by the patients only.

You don’t have to do it by yourself. If you are coming for treatment through HTI then accommodation and transport will be arranged by us as per your choice.

HTIndia Healthcare always makes sure to give the best medical services. It’s our responsibility to give you the best quality treatment within your budget. HTI only deals with highly experienced and qualified doctors, well-maintained hospitals & caring medical staff.

Yes, reasonable costs, less time, highly maintained hospitals, expert medical staff, trained doctors, and the best treatment makes India better than others.

There are multiple essential services we are offering to all patients. HTI services are different from other companies because we are not just offering medical services; we also motivate people to be healthy.

Yes, HTI will arrange video consultation as per your time and HTI language interpreter will be available between patients & doctors.