Best Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Are you seeking affordable and high-quality knee surgery options? Look no further than India. Join us as we delve into the world of affordable excellence in knee surgery in India and discover why more people choose this destination for their medical needs. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from receiving the best care. India is ready to offer you the best affordable solutions without compromising quality. This article will unlock the secrets of reasonable excellence in knee surgery in India, revealing the best cost options available. Whether you need a knee replacement or a minimally invasive procedure, India offers a wide range of treatments delivered by highly skilled surgeons using state-of-the-art technology.

Knee surgery costs in India depend on various factors, including the type of surgery, hospital, doctor, location, current patient condition, previous illnesses, and risk factors. Costs vary as per doctor and hospital location. It also depends on how you choose to come to India for surgery, like an individual or with any medical tourism company.


The cost of knee surgery in India typically ranges from USD 4000+ to USD 6000+ for a single knee. If you require surgery for both knees, the cost could be between USD 8400 and USD 12000 or more. It is always advised to all patients to take a 5-10% buffer on the given estimate by particular doctors or hospitals for emergencies.


These rates are applicable for international patients who directly approach hospitals. However, patients can avail of discounts if they choose medical tourism companies like Health Treatment in India. Heathtreatmentinindia customizes the packages as per patient needs and offers multiple packages that include the best cost of knee surgeries in India.

We will discuss the types of surgeries below. Knee surgery costs in India vary as per surgery type. The surgeon will discuss treatment options, risks, benefits, and expected outcomes with the patient to facilitate an informed decision.


What is Knee Surgery?

If you’re experiencing pain or limited mobility in your knee due to an injury or disorder, knee surgery may be an option for you. One type of knee surgery is knee replacement, which involves replacing damaged or worn-out components of the knee joint with metal and plastic parts. This can alleviate discomfort and improve your knee function. During the procedure, damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with new components. If you’re experiencing pain or limited mobility in your knee due to an injury or disorder, knee surgery may be an option for you. One type of knee surgery is knee replacement, which involves replacing damaged or worn-out components of the knee joint with metal and plastic parts. This can alleviate discomfort and improve your knee function. During the procedure, damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with new components.

Knee replacement surgery typically takes one to three hours. Thanks to advancements in precision, surgeons can easily choose perfect knee replacements for each patient based on their height, weight, and level of activity. Implants made from metal, ceramic, or plastic are easily portable. Some implants are tailored for women’s anatomy.


Causes for Knee Surgery?

  1. Arthritis  
  2. Injury
  3. Cartilage Damage
  4. Joint Deformities
  5. Tendon or Ligament Disorders
  6. Knee Osteotomy
  7. Infection
  8. Deformities


These are the commonly known reasons for knee replacement; however, few causes are avoidable.

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, taking care of your bones and joints, and avoiding bad posture while standing or sitting. These habits can help keep your knees healthy.

Types of knee surgeries

Types of knee surgeries

    • Arthroscopy: – A small camera and specialized tools are inserted via tiny incisions during arthroscopic knee surgery to detect and treat a variety of knee issues. Meniscus tears, ligament injuries (such as ACL or PCL rips), and cartilage damage can all be treated with it.
    • Total Knee Replacement (TKR): – Knee arthroplasty, sometimes referred to as total knee replacement surgery, replaces a damaged or arthritic knee joint with a prosthesis. For those with severe knee arthritis, it is a standard operation.
    • Partial Knee Replacement: – A partial knee replacement may be advised when only a small section of the knee joint is arthritic or damaged. This procedure includes conserving the healthy sections of the knee joint while replacing the damaged area with an implant.
    • ACL Reconstruction: – ACL tears, a frequent sports-related ailment, are repaired by ACL reconstruction surgery. To restore knee stability, the torn ligament is replaced during surgery with a graft, frequently obtained from the patient’s hamstring or patellar tendon.
    • Meniscus Repair: Meniscus cartilage that has been ripped or damaged is the target of meniscus repair surgery. Using arthroscopic methods, the surgeon may repair or trim the damaged meniscus tissue.
    • Ligament Reconstruction: – In addition to the ACL, other knee ligaments including the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) may need to be surgically repaired in the event of damage or instability.
    • Knee Osteotomy: – To ease pressure on injured or arthritic regions, knee osteotomies include cutting and rearranging the bones surrounding the knee joint. In some circumstances, it can be utilized to put off the need for knee replacement.
    • Cartilage Restoration: To repair damaged knee cartilage and encourage tissue regeneration, procedures such as microfracture, autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), and osteochondral autograft transplantation (OAT) are carried out.
    • Knee synovectomy: This procedure, which is frequently used to treat problems like rheumatoid arthritis or synovial hypertrophy, includes the removal of the synovial lining of the knee joint.
    • Knee Infection Treatment:– Surgical operations may be required to drain abscesses, remove contaminated tissue, or even conduct joint debridement in situations of severe knee joint infections.
    • Patellofemoral replacement: – A specialized form of knee surgery called patellofemoral replacement replaces the patellofemoral joint, which connects the thigh bone (femur) with the kneecap (patella). This replaces only the under-surface of the kneecap and the groove the kneecap sits in. This can be very effective for people with chronic kneecap arthritis.
    • Complex (or revision) knee replacement. – When a prior knee replacement (either whole or partial) has failed or there are difficulties or problems with the initial knee implant, a complex or revision knee replacement is a specialized type of knee surgery. Compared to primary knee replacement, it is a trickier treatment that frequently necessitates a high level of surgical experience.


    Knee replacement Surgeons & hospitals in India

    Indian hospitals & surgeons are one of best to get knee surgery within budget. Surgeons who specialize in orthopaedics and musculoskeletal problems, particularly those related to the knee, perform knee surgeries. The surgical approach is determined by the patient’s overall health, the severity of the knee problem, and the specific diagnosis. Medical technology advancements have led to less invasive procedures, resulting in quicker recovery times and improved outcomes for many knee surgeries.

    The below-mentioned orthopaedic surgeons are listed on top because of their experience and specialist; however, patients can choose any other surgeon as per their research or recommendation.


    Artemis-Gurgaon Dr. I.P.S Gurgaon Dr. Hitesh Garg
    MAX -Delhi Dr. Vikas Gupta Dr. Munish Chaudhary
    BLK-Delhi Dr. Rakesh Mahajan Dr. Vivek Mittal
    Nanavati Max – Mumbai Dr. Sunil Shahane Dr. Anil Karkhanis
    Medanta -Gurgaon Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Dr. Attique Vasdev
    Global – Mumbai Dr S V Vaidya Dr Abhay Narvekar
    Jaslok -Mumbai Dr. D. D. Tanna
    Kokilaben – Mumbai Dr. Avinash Date


    Conclusion: – This blog is to help you get a brief idea about the best knee surgery costs in India, Surgeons & hospitals. To know more exact information, do contact us.


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