Heart Transplant in India

What is Heart Transplant?

A damaged or sick heart is replaced surgically with a healthy heart from a donor during a heart transplant. Patients with end-stage heart failure or other severe cardiac problems that cannot be treated with alternative medicinal or surgical procedures often undergo surgery. Heart Transplant surgery is risky &Tricky Surgery. Patients must satisfy specific requirements to be considered for heart transplant surgery, which is a complex and dangerous treatment. In addition, not all patients in need of a heart transplant may be able to get one due to the potential shortage of donor’s hearts.


Process: –

The diseased heart is extracted from the body while the patient undergoes general anaesthesia throughout the surgery. Then, the patient’s blood vessels join the implanted donor heart and wait for the patient’s heart to restart. After the operation, the patient is often kept in the hospital for a few weeks to monitor their recovery and ensure the replacement heart works correctly.

The patient is frequently retained in the hospital for a few weeks following the procedure to monitor their recovery and ensure the new heart is functioning correctly.


Is India a good country for Heart Transplants?


India has blown up everyone’s mind toward good medical tourism in India. Most country patients prefer to come to India for less cost, better treatment, a safe place, or advanced technology.

National and international organizations like Joint Commission International (JCI), the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) have accredited several hospitals in India. These certifications demonstrate that the hospitals uphold stringent quality and safety requirements and offer patients high-quality treatment.

Heart surgery, including complicated treatments like open heart surgery, bypass surgery, valve replacement, and other cardiac surgeries, is seen to be well-suited for India. Heart transplant surgeries can be performed in India, a well-liked location for medical tourism. Heart transplants are carried out in many top-notch hospitals and medical facilities in India by highly qualified and experienced cardiac surgeons. In addition, India has considerably reduced heart transplant surgery costs compared to other nations, making it a desirable recourse for individuals seeking high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price.


Heart Transplant Cost in India: – 

Heart Transplant cost depends on many vital factors in India. A few are mentioned below.

  1. Hospital Name & Standard, location & hospital stay after surgery
  2. Doctors & Surgeon teams & their experiences
  3. Patient & Donor Condition
  4. Complication or emergencies
  5. Medicines, Injections, and other medical utility stuff like blood, follow-up’s

Heart transplant cost for Indians – 10lakh to 30lakhs.

Heart Transplant Cost for International Patients – Starting from 35000$ to 60000$

Transplant cost varies as per the patient’s condition before and after surgery. Risk is always available in heart surgery, and risk factors invite many unwanted charges on bills.


Success Rate: – Heart Surgery is a complex process, and to make it successful medical teams, doctors & surgeons put in much effort. The success of heart surgeons depends on many factors like

  1. Patient Aged below 65
  2. Donor availability
  3. Heart Condition of Donor
  4. Patient & Donor match
  5. Overall health or other health issues
  6. Finance stability
  7. Complication after transplant

Patient Life expectancy depends on the recovery of the patient and the new heart & body combination. Unfortunately, few end-stage cases where the body accepts the donor’s heart, and a few issues are where the new heart doesn’t match with the body. However, on average, the survival rate for heart transplant patients in India is comparable to that in other countries, with a reported 5-year survival rate of approximately 70-75% and 80% of 1-year survival. The rest are up to 10 or 15 years.


Top Heart Transplant Hospital in India 

  1. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
  2. Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  3. Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram
  4. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi
  5. Narayana Health, Bengaluru
  6. Fortis Hospital – Escort, New Delhi
  7. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute – Mumbai
  8. Manipal Hospital – New Delhi


Heart Transplant Cardiac Surgeons in India

  1. Dr. Y K Mishra
  2. Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan
  3. Dr. Naresh Trehan
  4. Dr. Ajay Kaul
  5. Dr. Baba Nanda Das
  6. Dr.Nandkishore Kapadia
  8. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty
  9. Dr Rajneesh Malhotra
  10. Dr. Madhu Sankar K
  11. Dr.Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale

These are the top cardiac Surgeons available in India; many more heart doctors are available. Patients can choose as per their needs; however, not all cardiac doctors specialize in heart transplants.


Recovery: – 

Heart Patient recovery time is variable; however, it depends on the patient’s condition. The minimum patient time to stay at the hospital is 15 days, and the maximum number of days depends on the doctor’s advice. Once the discharge process is complete, patients need more time to start a daily life routine. The patient and their family must follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid complications.


How to find Cardiologist?

Drop your query with your report with us; we will help you to find the best Cardiologist as per your need.


You can also use below mentioned link to check out top heart doctors in India.



Guidance to keep your heart healthy: – 

  1. A habit of walking/running or exercise
  2. Less salty, fatty diet or less sugar
  3. Water intake as per body requirements
  4. Health Check-up once a year
  5. Take care of Pre-existing diseases
  6. Cholesterol, BP & Sugar level needs to be on a certain level
  7. Avoid regular use or habit of smoking, alcohol, and any use of drug material
  8. Maintain weight & stress level




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