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Cardiovascular diseases are a global concern. People are getting affected by heart disease because of cholesterol, unbalanced sugar level, smoke, alcohol & no physical exercise. We can decrease the risk of heart disease by adopting a good healthy life routine.  

What is Cardiology

Cardiology is a medical term used to specify heart disease. The word cardio is related to heart & logy is a suffix that means study, details, or branch of knowledge.

The number of heart disease patients are rising rapidly because of unhealthy lifestyle, busy schedule, stress & pollution. 

Everyone should be aware of symptoms, treatment & precautions. 

India has the best cardiology surgeons & treatments. If any situation occurs, you can guide others who are the best cardio Surgeons & who are the best cardio hospitals.

Who is a cardiologist?

A cardiologist is a medical term that refers to a person who has deep knowledge of the heart. The specialist who diagnoses heart diseases & surgery.  

Cardiologists are the ones who take care of your heart & blood vessels. They help your heart to work well & prevent spreading more diseases. 

Types: – 

Coronary artery disease:- is occurs when the heart artery doesn’t supply enough blood to other body parts. CAD is a disease linked to the heart artery & muscle. The person who has CAD faces chest pain issues or breathing shortage issues due to weakening the heart’s major Artery.  

High Blood Pressure:- is also known as hypertension in medical terms. HPT is one most common & easily detectable diseases out of all heart diseases; even though BP is easily noticeable, still most of the population is suffering from BP. 

Heart Failure:- means the ability to pump blood supply to other body parts. It is caused by weak heart muscle or unable to get enough blood itself.   

Heart Attack:- is one most dangerous heart diseases. It happens when your heart doesn’t get enough blood supply. It may happen due to blockage or artery block.  

Arrhythmia – is a heart condition where the heart rhythm is unequal. If your heart beats faster or slower than the average range will consider Arrhythmia.

Congenital heart defect:- It is a heart shape defect that presents at birth. 

Peripheral artery disease:- is happens when your heart stops sending blood to the legs due to narrowing heart vessels. 

Rheumatic Heart Disease:- is occurs because of rheumatic fever in the body. This fever damage heart valves. 

Treatment: – Treatment depends on age & disease types. We believe precaution is better than cure. If we change our lifestyle, we can avoid the risk of heart disease. 

Stop the use of tobacco, lowering salt use, add fruit and vegetables, regular physical activity, and less alcohol usage can help you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Symptom:- heaviness, tightness, and chest pain are the basic sign of the early stage of heart disease. 

Reference: – You can contact HTindia Healthcare for free medical advice.  

If you don’t want to contact us, then don’t but don’t wait long for treatment. Waiting for a long time can increase the risk level of your disease.

This is a general blog, not to gain knowledge or treatment. 

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