Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery is a unique branch of medical sciences which deals with the alteration of physical appearances. Cosmetic Surgery can be done to restore a tissue or skin cells or to enhance the appearance. It is widely done on the head, neck and body for aesthetic appeal and it is elective. Whereas plastic surgery is more commonly performed on the defects of face and body due to birth disorders, genetic condition, trauma, burns, etc.

Most common cosmetic surgeries are for chin, cheek and nose (rhinoplasty), breast lift, reduction and augmentation, liposuction, skin rejuvenation, facelift, etc. Contrastingly plastic surgery focuses more on Burn repair, hand surgery, Scar revision surgery, etc.

There are many advantages to cosmetic surgery such as your natural beauty will be aligned to your desired beauty and it can benefit health in case of rhinoplasty as it can help one with respiratory issues. Liposuction can be beneficial to health as well as appearance as it can reduce the chances of getting heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.Fixing your physical appearance will directly affect your confidence and improved self-esteem. 

Cosmetic surgery is still a taboo topic due to its cost and pain aspects, but it is often not as painful as it is portrayed. With the advances in technology and medical science, it has become even more efficient and painless. There are many individual budget-friendly clinics which offer best grade cosmetic surgeries that do not necessarily cost a lot. 

It is to keep in mind that plastic and cosmetic surgeries do not come without their drawbacks. It can permanently damage the skin and muscles which can often happen due to the anesthesia or the patient’s health history.

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