The largest part of the human body is none other than the skin, and it is also the most visible part of the body so any disease or disorder that can affect the skin is of huge meaning and that is where dermatology comes into play. Dermatology is that branch of medicine which deals with the study, research, and diagnosis of skin problems and diseases that concern the skin of a person commonly called skin diseases or skin allergies. It can have both medical as well as surgical portions depending upon a person’s disorder.

The skin doctors also treat diseases concerning hair, nails, and allergies related to the skin. Apart from treating disorders, dermatology also indulges in some cosmetic treatments for eg, cleaning up skin, plastic surgery, removing ores, skin brightening treatments, ageing, genital skin problems and many others. 

There are a lot of diseases that can be cured by a dermatologist. From common problems of acne and itching to treating skin cancer, a wide range of issues concerning the field of dermatology. There are a few fields under dermatology like :

Dermatopathology, derma immunology, pediatric dermatology, etc.
The field of dermatology is also concerned with the treatment of warts, cancers, allergies, and therapies.