ENT Surgery

ENT refers to the three main parts of the body – Ear, nose and throat. These parts get often damaged because they are in constant touch with the outside environment and many things affect them. ENT surgeons are related to the surgical treatment of disorders relating to ears, nose, and throat. These three body parts are studied together because they are connected very closely to each other. They function as a unit due to which a problem in one affects the other two as well and therefore it’s better to study them together. 

And ENT surgery is performed by an otolaryngologist. They are doctors who are trained to treat disorders of the Ear, nose, throat as well as other parts of the face and neck. The problems related to the ear can be, difficulty in hearing, not able to get clear volume, feeling of some blockage or damage. Nose problems involve bleeding from nose and throat issues that are often related to allergies. There are a few medical conditions that come under this like –
Nose infections
Sleeping disorders
Swallowing disorders
There are a few surgeries that an ENT surgeon can perform like sinus surgery, surgery to treat the snoring disorder, tonsil removal, etc.
ENT surgeons treat many such disorders which affect our daily lives like, sleeping problems, speech issues, nasal irritation, hearing impairments, and many more. We need more ENT surgeons to treat the ever-growing patient population with ENT issues.

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