The human body stands on a very rigid Musco-skeletal frame. This Musco-skeletal system gets damaged much time due to bad posture, accident or any injury. The medical field which specializes in the body Musco-skeletal system, its diagnosis as well as treatment comes under the field of orthopaedics. 

The parts of the Musco-skeletal system include bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons as well as nerves. It is a very complex system of all these parts that allows you to do movement, sit properly or stand. All the body movements from moving your fingers to locomotion are supported by these parrots of the body thus there care, prevention and cure should be proper. 

Orthopaedics use both surgical as well as non-surgical methods to treat irregularities of the Musco-skeletal system like trauma, infection, diseases due to accident or sports, spinal problems and congenital issues. Physicians specializing in this are referred to as orthopaedic surgeons (if concerned with surgery) or orthopaedics (if concerned with diagnosis and treatment without surgery).

Surgery is rarely chosen as an option by the physician because it is many a time possible to treat the problem with therapy, exercises and proper medication. Surgery is needed when a joint bone or tissue of the Musco-skeletal part loses its functions and therefore we see most of the physicians are non-surgeons in this field. 

Growth in the healthcare sector has made it possible now for patients of orthopaedics to undergo joint replacements as well after proper testing.
This is a growing field where new innovations in technology are experienced quite often to help patients with such problems get well soon.