Affordable Treatment for Bangladeshi Patients

Affordable Treatment for Bangladeshi Patients in India

India is the only country where multi-culture people live and celebrate each other festivals. It’s been 75 years since independence, and we have gained immense progress in every sector. India has become one of the largest healthcare markets competing with the world.

India is giving tough competition to the USA, UAE, Turkey, UK, Switzerland, and a few more developed countries. India turns out to be one of the best medical tourism options for patients. Indian modernized healthcare system draws foreign patients’ attention.



  1. Affordable & Advance treatment
  2. A high number of 5star hospitals
  3. well trained medical staff
  4. Private medical facilitators
  5. Homoeopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment along with Allopathy
  6. Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy


“Health Treatment is not far away; only you have to choose”. 


Once you decide to have treatment in India, you can take the help of the HTIndia healthcare team. You must be wondering why HTI?

Let’s discuss the numerous reasons for choosing HTIndia Health.

What is HTIndia Healthcare?

HTIndia Healthcare is a registered non- govt medical tourism company based in Gurgaon.

HTIndia healthcare is established by Mr. Kuldeep Singh. He has 10-year experience in the medical tourism Industry with multiple companies.

His motive is to help the patient to find their motive to be healthy. 

Mr. Kuldeep Singh has designed his company norms as per the patient’s comfort level.

HTIndia Healthcare offers free services to all patients.

HTI services start as soon as patients contact us.

  1. We consult their prior diagnosis with doctors. We deliver estimated treatment costs & time to the patients.
  2. We arrange VIL from hospitals once patients give confirmation for visit.
  3. Arrange Pickup & drop from the airport to the hotel.
  4. Arrange accommodation & transport with all facility asked by the patients
  5.  Consultation, treatment, Admission, billing, discharge & medicine will be shielded by our services
  6. Language assistance
  7. 24*7 Support
  8. Trip Advisory & facilitator facility during site seeing
  9. Safety & Security

A glimpse of a Bangladeshi Patients reviews.

  1. Dr. Munir Ahmed came to India for his mother treatment. His mother surgery was successful and they were happy with HTIndia healthcare services.


Mr. Sagir Ahmed had to come to India for his daughter treatment. They were also happy with HTI services as you all can see in review photo.


There are the recent stories we are sharing with you. There are many more story we have and will be.

Why do patients from Bangladesh choose India for Treatment?

India and Bangladesh have a Unique connection since old times. It is an Islamic country and most of them speak Bengali. Bangladesh is one of the nearest neighbours of India. This is also one reason why Bangladeshi patients choose to come to India for treatment. We can reach Bangladesh in 2 hours and 39 minutes via the flight and road distance also mentioned.

Distance from Chennai to Bangladesh

39 hr (1,944.1 km) via NH16

Bangalore to Bangladesh

42 hr (2,150.8 km) via NH16

In terms of economically India has 54% patients from Bangladesh only which is a tremendous number.

Let’s give reasons to others to come to India for treatment.

  1. Traveling cost to India is the most convenient as compared to other countries for Bangladeshi patients.
  2. Indian medical treatment cost is affordable and equal to their country’s treatment.
  3. The quality of Indian treatment is fair enough to grab the patient’s attention
  4. Hospitals, Expert doctors, and medical staff support make a positive impact
  5. Private medical facilitators give services free of cost.
  6. Lack of medical facilities and poor resources pushed Bangladeshi patients to India.
  7. Coming to India for medical treatment will save time & money too.


“Wise people choose health over wealth”.

Become that wise person and contact HTIndia Healthcare for your medical treatment support. HTIndia healthcare will make your journey memorable. 

How to Contact HTIndia healthcare?

We are available on all social medical platforms like Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also connect with us via call, WhatsApp, telegram, IMO or messenger. HTIndia healthcare team will revert you within 24hour.

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