Affordable treatment in India for African patients?

India has been a popular destination for medical tourism for many years now. This can be attributed to some factors, but one major factor is the affordability of medical services in India as compared to other countries. Medical service providers in India like HTIndia Healthcare offer satisfactory quality services at competitive prices. It’s no secret that Indian medical personnel are excellent at what they do. It also so happens that foreign patients are flocking to India for quality medical treatment.

India has opened its doors to the world for medical treatment.

If you’re looking for successful medical stories, India has them. Many foreigners trust Indian medical care because its affordable and comparable to what they can get in their own country. Even Africans are starting to show interest in the best treatments from India.

Why do African patients visit India for treatment?

India offers the best affordable treatment in India to all domestic & international patients. Indian hospitals have the best medical facility like treatment equipment, expert doctors, hospitals, medical staff, & facilitators. India has become a healer for African patients physically, mentally & emotionally.

The first reason why African patients visit India for treatment is that the cost of treatment in India is cheaper than in other countries like America or Europe. It also saves time and money as they don’t have to travel long distances just to get quality medical care. The third reason why African patients visit India for medical treatment is that it has some of the best doctors and the latest technology available at its medical facilities. India has a high success rate of surgeries and advanced medical equipment. This is why African patients visit India for treatment.

A recent study by IMS Health, a company that analyzes health data, revealed that India is the most popular destination for African patients who visit other countries for treatment.

In recent years, Africa has emerged as one of its major markets with over 100,000 African patients visiting India for treatment every year. These are a few major factors why African seek medical treatment outside their own country.

– Lack of good healthcare infrastructure in their own countries

– Affordable cost of treatments

– Availability of advanced treatments like organ transplants


How HTIndia healthcare Pvt ltd gives support to African Patients?

HTIndia Healthcare is a company that offers free medical treatment for African patients. HTI is an Indian medical tourism company and we should not think of HTIndia as an NGO or a charity but as a business that has found innovative ways to use its resources to help all kinds of patients. HTIndia provides a wide range of services to African patients who are looking for affordable treatment options in India. The company has helped many patients from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana with their journey to India. The company, HTIndia Healthcare, has been helping patients from CIS countries and Asia since 2008.



  • Professional Doctors & Staff
  • Well-Known Hospitals
  • Language Assistance
  • Easy Consultation
  • Complimentary Pickup & Drops
  • Affordable Accommodation
  • Trip Guidance
  • Safety & Security
  • Discounted bills
  • Save Time & cost
  • No money Laundry


HTIndia Healthcare has compiled these reviews from past patients who have undergone treatment at various hospitals across India. These are patient reviews from Nigeria and Uganda.

Olaniyan Omotayo is a 23-year-old Nigerian girl who came to India for left knee surgery. She contacted HTIndia healthcare after her recommendation. She was diagnosed with a corrective osteotomy in her left knee with varus deformity. HTIndia healthcare helped her to get satisfactory treatment. Her surgery was successful and she was satisfied with HTIndia healthcare services.

Roselyan Ngohok from Uganda came to India for Knee Replacement(bilateral). Her successful surgery and HTIndia healthcare services made her medical journey memorable.

HTIndia Healthcare helps patients to find their motive to be healthy. Join us to be a part of healthy life.

Contact HTIndia healthcare to know more about our free services.

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